That Moment When A Ferrari 488 GTB Hits Another 488 GTB In China

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While swerving to dodge a dog on the road, a Ferrari 488 GTB driver rear ended a fellow motorist, who also happened to be driving another 488 GTB.

The peculiar accident that involves two fresh off the grid supercars from Maranello and which seems like a good start for a Twilight Zone episode, took place in Lijiang, Yunnen Province, China.

Citing local media, CNC reports that the driver of the white Ferrari 488 GTB slammed the brakes to avoid a dog that decided to suddenly cross the road, but the man inside the grey supercar failed to react and crashed into his fellow motorist, who, in turn, was propelled into the guardrail.

Some suggest that the two men, who escaped without any serious injuries, were actually street racing, but we will probably never know the truth. Hopefully Lassie made it home in one piece - that is, if a dog was actually involved...

Images via SlideNewsSina