Elio E1c Engineering Vehicle Debuts In LA, Targets $7,300 Base Price

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More than 62,000 customers have allegedly signed up for one of Elio Motors' trikes, at the time of writing, but in the meantime, some may have noticed that their base price has jumped by $500.

Targeting an MSRP of $7,300, the three-wheeler has edged closer to the production phase, with the E1c, which is part of the brand's E-Series vehicles, where 'E' stands for 'engineering'.

Presented at the 2016 LA Auto Show, it sports a similar exterior to previous prototypes, but Elio Motors claims that it features "foundational and structural improvements to the frame, suspension, and safety systems that will ultimately create a more satisfying driving experience".

"The E1c represents our continued progress along our long-term plan to bring low-cost, highly fuel efficient transportation to the market. We have assembled an amazing team of engineers and supplier partners who have jumped into every aspect of this vehicle to make sure it meets or exceeds all of our targets", said the small company's founder and CEO, Paul Elio.

Additionally, the new Elio E1c, which features an unibody frame, developed by in-house engineers, Schwab Industries, and Roush Engineering, is the brand's first vehicle equipped with airbags - one mounted in the steering wheel, and two side-curtains.