Watch Clarkson, Hammond And May's Gaming Skills On Forza Horizon 3

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The Grand Tour hosts normally drive some of the hottest cars on the planet, but they took a break to try out their gaming skills.

Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond sat back and relaxed playing Forza Horizon 3, on Xbox One.

The open world racing video game, which is also available on PC, suggests that their driving skills are actually pretty similar in the virtual world. Jezza, who proudly admits of having 'the other car game', meaning PS4's Gran Turismo, normally goes foot-down, while The Hamster will eventually crash, and Captain Slow is, well… you get it.

Besides doing some 'bucket list challenges' and rallying in some harsh environments on Forza, the former Top Gear trio had to answer some questions, from their favorite music and why don't they normally listen to it while filming, to what are the best cars ever made.

Before hitting that play button below, we have to warn you, you're facing an hour plus video that could eat your entire lunch break...