Clarkson, Hammond And May Swap Cars For Boats In The Grand Tour Season 4 Special

Watch Clarkson, Hammond and May try to cross the Mekong Delta in boats in the Grand Tour opening.

James May Goes Green, Buys Another Eco-Friendly Car

It’s not a Porsche Taycan, but something powered by hydrogen. Can you guess the make and model?.

Yo, Yo, Yo, James May Has A New Sick Car And It’s Not A Ferrari

Try guessing what Captain Slow’s latest car is just by looking at this picture.

Sebastian Vettel Samples James May’s Ferrari 458 Speciale

The four-time F1 world champion chose May’s Ferrari over Hammond’s old Opel.

Jeremy Clarkson Says The Lexus LFA Is Still The Best Car He’s Ever Driven

Jeremy Clarkson fell in love with the Lexus LFA’s screaming 4.8-liter V10 engine.

James May Opens Up About The Time He Got Fired From Autocar

Way before Top Gear became his job, James May was fired from one of UK’s biggest motoring magazines and this is why.

Clarkson, Hammond Or May: Who’s The Best Driver? Abbie Eaton Answers

The Grand Tour’s professional racing driver has also revealed the best and worst car she’s driven during the show.

Clarkson Says The Grand Tour Scrapped Middle East Roadtrip Plans Over Safety Concerns

The Grand Tour also considered making trips to Thailand and Australia.

James May Unpimps His Ford Mondeo ST200 The Way He Only Knows How

A car like the Ford Mondeo ST200 is good enough to be kept stock and shouldn’t be modified.

Jeremy Clarkson Gets Choked Up Ahead Of Big Change For The Grand Tour

Clarkson said The Grand Tour’s goodbye was like saying goodbye to Top Gear as well.

Man Accuses The Grand Tour Of Stealing Mongolia Special Idea, Show Denies All

Partisan Motors’ founder claims the show used his idea for the road trip episode and threatens to sue.

This Is How James May Almost Killed Jeremy Clarkson

James May doesn’t take too kindly to sleeping in a frozen Argentinian lodge.