BMW Reminisces About Its Bangle-Era E60 5-Series

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While the design of the 5th-generation E60 BMW 5-Series - penned by Davide Arcangeli under the directorship of Chris Bangle, was controversial in many people's eyes, its technical attributes and high-quality features have never been in question.

This is BMW's fourth such video in regards to the history of the 5-Series, after previously having reminded us about the E12, E28, the E34 and most recently the E39, which some still consider the best 5-Series ever made.

Aesthetics aside, what has always been great about the E60, is the technological advancements it presented, even when compared to the critically-acclaimed E39. The newer E60 featured active steering, head-up display technology, active cruise control, voice control, the iDrive system and an ultra-high quality cabin to bring it all together.

According to E60 product manager, Alfred Klomfass-Boek, the goal for the E60's interior was to be less driver focused so that the passenger could feel more involved and have an easier time operating the audio or navigation systems.

The E60 was launched in 2003 in sedan form, with the Touring (E61) introduced the following year. The E60 was also the first 5-Series to feature a turbocharged petrol engine and even came with a wide array of advanced safety system such as adaptive headlights, night vision, active headrests or Lane Departure Warning.

In the end, the E60 was longer, wider and more spacious than its predecessor. Its size, together with its features and overall performance figures, made it an extremely successful car within its segment, where it stayed competitive until the very end - despite Mercedes coming out with an all-new W212 E-Class just two years after the E60 received its facelift.