Mystery Military Convoy Spotted Carrying 'Trump' Flag

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This mystery Humvee convoy was spotted in Kentucky down Interstate 65 through Louisville on Sunday morning, and no branch of the military has yet to claim it.

According to the Courier-Journal, a spokesman for Ft Knox, Patrick Hodges, stated the convoy wasn't theirs, followed by Kentucky National Guard Major, Stephen Martin, doing the same.

One idea is that the vehicles may have been "military surplus", said a Defense Department spokesman, Maj Jamie Davis, who took a look at the footage before concluding that they probably don't belong to any service branch.

Davis also stated that flying such a flag (it was the Trump - Make America Great Again flag) on a military vehicle would violate certain regulations. "That is not standard procedure," he said, before adding that it wouldn't have been legal to run a military convoy without unit markings on the trucks.

Activist and retired Air Force veteran Chris Rowzee said: "I can't even begin to describe how disturbed I am by this. To show a partisan political leaning on a military vehicle is very reminiscent of Nazi Germany."

It's possible that those types of Humvees, with modified beds and desert tans, either are or had been at one point Army vehicles, at least that's what Tracey Metcalf, administrator for the Military Vehicle Preservation Association thinks.