Thai Driver Crashes And Destroys Friend's Lamborghini Murcielago SV

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A rare Lamborghini Murcielago SV has been destroyed after crashing in Thailand.

The Mirror reports that the man behind the wheel of the expensive exotic actually borrowed it from a friend so he could “show off at a party”. However, those plan quickly unraveled after leaving a restaurant in Bangkok.

It is reported that the driver brought along two friends for a joyride in the two-seater but lost control of the Murcielago. He then hit a motorcycle and slammed into a palm tree.

Fortunately, all three managed to escape without serious injuries, but the Lamborghini is a total loss.

Pictures from the scene show that the passenger side took the brunt of the impact with both wheels on that side being ripped from the car. Additionally, the front end has been entirely destroyed and one of the doors severely dented and scratched.

It is believed that just 186 units of the Murcielago SV were built by the automaker and sadly, there is now one less on the streets.

Pics via fm91bkk