K-Speed Transforms Humble Honda Super Cub Into A Cafe Racer

The Thailand-based custom bike experts gave the Honda Super Cub a spectacular makeover.

Asian Markets-Only Nissan Terra SUV Gains 190 PS Diesel Engine

The new body-on-frame SUV starts from the equivalent of almost $40k in Thailand.

McLaren 720S Gets Spanked By Out Of Control Chevrolet Pickup Truck

The pickup truck couldn’t stop in time, so it swerved left and hit a Toyota, too.

Huge Steel Pipe Crushes Mercedes C-Class, Occupants Live To Tell The Tale

The incident happened at a construction site in Thailand and , thankfully, everyone got out alive.

BMW To Build More X5s In Thailand To Sidestep China Tariffs

China has imposed a 40 percent tariff on US-made cars and BMW has found a way around it.

This Is The Ultimate “Wait For It…” Accident

The driver of this car is said to have been speeding, ultimately losing control on a slippery road.

SUV Gets Stuck On Train Tracks And Pays The Ultimate Price

The driver was suspected to be under the influence of alcohol.

Porsche Is Out To Prank Everybody With The New Panamera

Porsche and six-time Le Mans winner Jacky Ickx went to Thailand to prank people with Panamera hijack.

Guns Were Fired During This Hit And Run Shootout In Thailand

Thankfully, no civilians appear to have been injured.

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Multiple cars were damaged and a motorbike rider barely escaped after a…

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