2,500 HP Nissan GT-R Sets Record-Breaking 6-Second 1/4 Mile

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The battle to build the world’s first 6-second street-legal Nissan GT-R is over thanks to a customer car from AMS Performance running a 6.93 second quarter mile over the weekend.

The car in question is owned by drag racing enthusiast Gidi Chambi and was originally built to chase records. Affectionately known as Alpha G, it has over 2,500 hp, two huge turbochargers sticking out of the front bumper and a fully built engine and transmission.

In November last year, the car lowered the GT-R quarter mile benchmark by recording a 7.14 second time at 212 mph (341 km/h). At the TX2K17 drag racing event in Houston, Texas, that record was smashed after a 6.397 second run at a 196 mph (315 km/h) top speed.

AMS now holds the accolades of building the world’s first street-legal 9-second GT-R, 8-second GT-R, 7-second GT-R and now 6-second GT-R.

Still, a number of other tuning companies are hot on the heels of AMS Performance with examples from Extreme Turbo Systems and Ekanno Racing having previously held world records themselves. So we imagine this result won't go unchallenged for too long.