Well That's Embarrassing: Former F1 Driver Has Her License Revoked

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Life isn't fair. You spend your whole life learning how to drive fast, but when you do, you get punished.

That's what's happened to one Susie Wolff, who has reportedly had her license revoked in the UK for speeding, according to a report published by AutoWeek.

Never heard of Susie? Née Stoddart, she's the wife of Mercedes racing chief Toto Wolff, but has had a distinguished career in her own right. The Scottish driver competed in Formula Three and DTM before signing as a development driver for the Williams F1 team.

She became the first woman to participate in an F1 grand prix weekend when she drove in the British Grand Prix practice session in 2014 – a task she repeated at the subsequent German Grand Prix and at the Spanish and British races the next year as well. She retired at the end of 2015, and has since been serving as a television commentator and brand ambassador for Mercedes, among other roles.

Apparently she's been having some trouble transitioning from racing driver to regular motorist, though. She reportedly accrued demerit points on two occasions, and on the third was caught driving all of 35 miles per hour... in a 30 zone.

Despite her protests that the revocation of her driver's license would have a detrimental impact on her charity work, the judge handed her a six-month suspension. So not only will she not be driving on the track anymore (at least not competitively), but she won't be allowed to drive on public roadways, either.

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