You Could Buy This Ferrari 599 GTB For Just $250 In China

This operating Ferrari 599 GTB is being sold as scrap metal and costs next to nothing.

Canadian Cop Is In The Right Place At The Right Time

This Honda Civic driver probably won’t be cutting into traffic in the future.

Man Ends Up In Cuffs After Attempting To Repo Detective’s Car

The repo man still hasn’t be able to get his tow truck back after two weeks and police can’t / won’t explain why.

DUI Suspect Leads Police On L.A. Chase In Honda Civic, Then He Walks Away

After things came to a standoff, the police chose to pull back – but they have ID’d the culprit.

Woman Jumps Through Window To Prevent Thieves From Stealing Her Mercedes

The woman’s quick thinking scared the thieves away.

UK Authorities Will Test ‘Noise Cameras’ To Clamp Down On Loud Vehicles

Motorists will be fined if their vehicle produces more than the 74-decibel legal limit.

Man High On Meth And Coke Steals Mail Truck, Chase Ends In Rollover

The perpetrator confessed on being under the influence and is now facing serious chargers from multiple agencies.

Chicago Residents Wake Up To Nasty Surprise, Poop On Their Door Handles

The attacker appears to favor Mercedes crossovers.

Unfortunate Driver Almost Crashes Into Unmarked Police Car

When changing lanes, it’s easy to make sure no one is right next to you.

Aussie Police Add Tesla Model X To Victoria State Highway Patrol Fleet

This Model X is not just for show purposes, but will be actually patrolling the streets .

Swiss Police Take Delivery Of 13 Hyundai Kona Electric Models

The Kona Electric has up to 201 hp and a range exceeding 270 miles.

Richard Rawlings’ Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Found Intact Nearly A Year After Being Stolen

The Hellcat was seemingly abandoned months ago with minor damage.