Man Gets Gun Pulled On Him During Scary Road Rage Incident

The road rage incident was caught on two videos taken by the victim and the aggressor.

Texas Police Troll Bad Parking Job With A Lesson In Staying Between The Lines

The Southlake Police Department suggested a driver practice staying in the lines while coloring, because they can’t do it while parking.

Driver Speeding Down Highway Shoulder Gets A Slice Of Police-Flavored Karma

The driver of this Hyundai Tucson didn’t save any time driving on the highway shoulder.

Florida Man Arrested For Going 100MPH Tells Cops “The Car Is A Ferrari And It Goes Fast”

29-year-old Gabriel Molina allegedly accelerated to 100 mph trying to evade the police.

Police Arrest 16 People After 100 Car2Go Mercedes And Smarts Stolen In Chicago

Police in Chicago have managed to recover most of the stolen Car2Go vehicles.

Canadian Sets A Dozen Cars On Fire, Gets Tackled To The Ground By Bystanders

The 22 year old has been charged with 14 different counts of arson.

Three Naked Women Lead Police On High-Speed Chase In Florida

The three women were caught naked in public by someone who called 911.

Watch Californian Police Put A Tesla Model S Through Its Paces

This Tesla Model S was purchased used in 2014 for a touch over $61,000.

Australia’s Northern Territory Police Will Patrol Its Highways In Kia Stingers

The Stinger features a twin-turbo 3.3-liter V6 engine with 365 HP, so it’s well suited to this role.

Woman Crashes Lexus Through Cables And Gets Stuck Dangling Over Parking Garage

Luckily, the crossover got stuck and this prevented it from plummeting to the ground.

Chevrolet Dealer Employee Being Investigated For Kidnapping And Stealing $200k

Mountain View Chevrolet reports that Daniel Bryant was recently fired.

“Hell, Yeah!”: NYPD Officer Crashes Confiscated Bike, Crowd Cheers

The NYPD officer found the bike abandoned near an intersection and was supposed to take it to a local station.