Man Tries To Outsmart The DMV, Gets Hundreds Of Tickets Instead

The researcher eventually received more than $12,000 in tickets.

A Number Of New Cars Can Be Stolen In Less Than A Minute

Gone in sixty seconds? It’s more like ten for some models.

LA Suspect Leads Police On Chase Across A Beach In Toyota Camry

Police suspected the Toyota Camry being driven by the man was stolen.

Like The Dodge Challenger And Charger? You’re Not Alone, So Do Car Thieves

The BMW 3-Series had the lowest theft rate.

Cop Tasers 65-Year-Old “Country Girl” Who Refused To Sign $80 Ticket

The Oklahoma woman later admitted to the officer that she tried to kick him because she’s a country girl.

Man Attacks Car Meet With Steamroller, Damages Five Vehicles

Although the police withheld the perpetrator’s name, they did say his breath alcohol rating was more than twice the legal driving limit.

Toyota Sienna Runs Red Light In Front Of Police SUV – You Can Guess The Rest

One should never, ever run a red light no matter what; good thing a citation was the only harm done in that occasion…

Want Out Of A Speeding Ticket? Just Asking Might Be Enough

A new study says asking for forgiveness could get you out of a speeding ticket 41% of the time.

New Jersey Man Arrested For Going 142 MPH (228km/h) In Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk

The Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk’s 6.2-liter V8 can power it through to 180 mph.

Alleged Drunk Driver Slams Head-On Into Police Car In Ohio

Any accident in which you’re to blame is to be avoided at all costs; this goes double for hitting a police cruiser.

Is That A Leaf Blower Under Your Hood Or Are You Happy To See The Cops?

The driver claimed he used it to feed air to the engine. Then again, he also tested positive for meth…

Police Arrest Seven People After Hoons Block California Highway To Do Burnouts

Motorists blocked northbound I-5 lanes to do donuts while others watched.