Cops Pulled This Car Over To Rightfully Burst The Driver’s Bubbles

Never, ever, drive a car that has visible bubbles on the sidewall of a tire.

Tesla’s Sentry Mode Catches Woman Keying Model 3 For No Apparent Reason

The perpetrator caused approximately $2,000 in damage but, unluckily for her, her face was recorded by the Tesla’s cameras.

To Serve And… In Need Of Service: Police Cars In St. Louis Are Falling Apart

Patrol cars are getting older and racking up miles, yet the police department hasn’t received enough funding to repair or replace them, thus officers often find themselves in difficult situations.

Spanish Driver Caught With Over 1000 Marijuana Plants In His Van Tells Officers They’re… Peppermint

The van driver caught the attention of the police after making an irregular maneuver – and what they discovered was definitely not just a bunch of harmless plants.

Tesla Model S Police Car Nearly Runs Out Of Charge Mid Pursuit

During the purist, the officer discovered the car only had six miles of range.

Australian Police Rolling Out Cameras That Catch Drivers Using Mobile Phones

During a six-month trial period, the New South Wales police caught more than 100,000 motorists using their phones while driving.

Chevrolet Trailblazer Drives Through A Mall Causing Chaos And Destruction

The driver was taken into custody, but there’s no word on a motive.

South African Driver Tries To Flee With Police Officer On Her Hood To Avoid Ticket

The South African driver was charged with reckless driving and resisting arrest.

Watch Michigan Woman Steal Police Cruiser And Crash During High-Speed Chase

24-year-old Destiny Hawkins was hit with felony charges and will stand trial for stealing a Tahoe police cruiser.

McLaren 720S Skips Traffic In Australia, Gets Instant Karma From Undercover Cop

The driver of this McLaren 720S got a rude surprise from an undercover VW Passat police car.

Female Arrested For DUI With Her Three Kids In Car, Trying To Bribe Officers With Sexual Favors

Driving under the influence is very dangerous; having your children onboard even worse, and as for the indecent proposals… well, that’s just funny.

Charges Dropped Against Repo Man Who Tried To Tow NYPD Detective’s Car

NYPD officers arrested the man after he tried to lawfully repossess a detective’s Nissan Maxima.