A Dozen Minnesota State Patrol Cars Were Hit On The Side Of The Road In Just Two Weeks

Minnesota State Patrol cars were involved in nearly one crash per day so far this month.

Ohio State Highway Patrol’s Amusing Valentine’s Post Irks Some Facebook Users

Troopers noted they’ve been “Making hearts skip a beat since 1933”.

Chrome Pink Lambo Aventador Clocked At 104 Mph (168 Km/h) On Frigid Canadian Road

The driver of this pink chrome Aventador Roadster lost both his license and car for 7 days.

Man Steals Maserati GranTurismo From Dealership At Gunpoint

The frightening incident was caught on security cameras.

A Tennessee Highway Was Shut Down Because These Guys Were Doing Donuts

Drivers blocked all lanes of I-24 to allow others to perform donuts on the interstate.

Man Repeatedly Stole Elderly Couple’s Car At Night Before Returning It Every Morning

Authorities arrested the man after they caught him driving the stolen van that was used for heists.

Instant Karma For Lane-Weaving Prius Driver

The Toyota driver’s erratic behavior might have been caused by the fact that they were on the run.

Big Truck Driver Runs Vehicles Off The Road, Causes Five Hour Standoff In Mississipi

Michael Mack hit several different vehicles, including an ambulance.

Con Man Turns $5 Into Four Luxury Vehicles Worth $200,000 Using Bad Checks

The con man ‘bought’a Range Rover, an Infiniti and two different Mercedes models.

Tesla Model S Takes Dodge Charger’s Job At Fremont Police Department

The Tesla Model S in question is the 85 version with 265 miles of range per charge.

Man To Get $1.2 Million After Being Arrested For ‘Stealing’ His Own Car

Lawrence Crosby was allegedly punched at least ten times during his arrest.

Jeep Driver Thinks He’s Helping By Going All Guns Blazing When Cops Corner Chase Suspect

The Ohio driver said he started shooting at the suspect because he felt threatened.