2019 1-Series: No More Party In The Back As BMW's Hatch Goes FWD

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BMW has been scooped testing the next-generation 1-Series on the roads of Germany and despite this prototype’s heavy camouflage, a number of details are already known about the model.

Most significantly, we know that the 2019 1-Series will ditch the rear-wheel drive platform of the current model in favor of the brand’s front-wheel drive UKL platform. This change, combined with transversely-mounted engines, should help to significantly increase space for rear-seat passengers.

The prototype pictured appears to be a performance-oriented variant, as evidenced by its twin exhaust pipes, large brakes, big wheels and more aggressive details. It will again adopt the M140i name and could act as the company’s competitor to the likes of the Ford Focus RS and Mercedes-AMG A45 with up to 400 hp channeled through all four wheels.

Alongside this performance model will be a selection of less powerful and more fuel-efficient petrol and diesel versions. Additionally, a plug-in hybrid is predicted to get the go-ahead for production. An all-electric 1-Series could also come to fruition.

BMW may also follow in the footsteps of other carmakers by ditching the three-door body style and only selling the 2019 1-Series as a five-door.

Photo Credits: CarPix for CarScoops