How Does Alfa Romeo's Giulia Fare Against Audi's A4?

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Despite the Giulia QV impressing automotive journalists left and right, the general consensus regarding the regular model is that, although it's good, it's not quite good enough for the segment crown.

That's where the Audi A4 comes in and according to Carwow's Mat Watson, it's the best car in its class if you look at the overall package - meaning comfort, practicality, on-board tech and so on.

The A4 may not be the most exciting to drive, but that's what the BMW 3-Series is for, as is the Giulia.

However those of us who purchase diesel-powered variants or petrol models that don't have a lot of power, don't generally expect to power slide out of every junction.

According to Watson, the Giulia does just about everything right, and unlike the Audi, it looks mighty special too. The only issue is that apparently, the A4 does everything else in spectacular fashion, as he struggled to find any faults with the German.

In the end, the A4 is mentioned in the same sentence with the phrase "the best car in its class", which is high praise seen as how the BMW 3-Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class and Jaguar XE are also in contention. As for the Giulia, it's yet to win a comparison test in non-QV form.