Chevy Impala Sliced In Half In Shocking Accident, Yet All Are Alive

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Upon seeing this picture of a previous-gen Chevrolet Impala split right in the middle with half the car tossed some 20 feet away onto the embankment, you’d be forgiven to think that there is no way anyone made it out alive from this crash.

Fortunately, you’d be wrong, as miraculously, there were no fatalities, only injuries, though we'd probably have to attribute that to the fact that there were no passengers inside the Impala. 

Tom Bond, a former U.S. Air Force ambulance driver who filmed the chilling video at the scene of the accident that occurred Saturday morning in California, told the Press Democrat it was “the craziest thing I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen many accidents.”

According to California Highway Patrol (CHP) logs, Apol Lansang, 26, was driving her Chevrolet south on Highway 101 when she was hit by a northbound Toyota Sequoia driven by Kevin Fenty, 27, who drifted into the opposite lane of the road. While the incident is still under investigation, police told reporters that drugs are believed to have played a role.

The crash split the Chevy Impala into two, sending the passenger half of the car onto the hillside. While it was Lansang’s car that was sliced, Fenty was the one who was ejected from his car – a sign that he may have not been wearing his seat belt.

The CHP said that both drivers were taken to the hospital, with Lansang suffering only minor injuries and Fenty with moderate. but non-life threatening, injuries.

Video and Screenshots via Tom Bond/Youtube

Warning - some readers may find the images in the following video disturbing


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