2001 Daewoo Leganza Gets Mocked By Cheeky Valet

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Usually, driving a 16-year old car doesn't necessarily mean anybody's looking to make fun of your ride, although, not all cars are created equal.

This is a Daewoo Leganza, a car not everyone is familiar with. The Leganza is a mid-size luxury saloon (yes luxury), which was built by Daewoo between 1997 and 2002, with Egypt getting it until 2008.

It was actually designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro and when it came out, it proved bigger and more spacious than most non-premium saloons of similar dimensions.

As for what happened here, according to a Reddit post by self.cars, this 2001 Leganza was handed off to a valet who was cheeky enough to write something that wasn't very nice on the parking ticket.

We can imagine that this model might appear a bit odd to somebody who's never even heard of one, but in terms of quality, it wasn't that far removed from some late 90's sedans built in the U.S.

Either way, here's the whole story behind what happened:

"This 2001 Daewoo Leganza was purchased by me in 2009 for $1500 off Craigslist when I really needed a car and didn't have a lot of money with which to procure said car. It saw me through 6 years of absolute calamity. Everything that could break, did. It has completely fallen apart and been put back together again. I finally bought a new car 2 years ago and gave her the Daewoo (the dealership laughed when I told them what I had to trade... then realized I was serious... and offered me $200 for it. I declined.).

It sat for 2 years, then when she had the time and money to get it running again, she got the battery charged, put the key in and it cranked right up. Couple fluid/filter flushes later and the stupid thing is running like it did when she parked it 2 years ago.

All the badges have fallen off. The AC doesn't work. The inside looks like shit. There's probably not another Daewoo Leganza within a 50 mile radius.

She had to use valet at the ER today to park it, and this is what they wrote on the tag....I haven't stopped laughing since."