Base Spec Rolls-Royce Phantom Still Looks More Expensive Than Your Home

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For the sake of all things pointless, here's a look at the all-new Rolls-Royce Phantom rendered as a cheaper-looking pièce de résistance.

While we understand that whole base-spec movement when it comes to renderings, replacing chrome with black on a Rolls-Royce might actually push the price upwards instead of down.

Sure, these wheels would definitely not cost as much as the all-new Phantom's 22" alloys, but at the end of the day you'd still be looking at a V12-powered luxury car, one that seems much improved compared to its iconic predecessor.

Imagined this way by X-Tomi Design, this base-spec Phantom also lacks the real model's dual-tone bodywork and laser light headlights. In fact, it is a bit comical to see a modern-day Rolls-Royce packing halogen light bulbs.

This render is merely the latest in a string of digitally altered new Phantom versions, such as the so-called Phantom Wagon or the Drophead Coupe we saw last week.