Muhammad Ali’s Rolls-Royce Could Be Even More Tempting Than His Alfa Spider

If you miss out on buying Muhammad Ali’s Alfa Romeo in Vegas this month, you could still bid on his Silver Shadow in October.

Rolls-Royce Wraith Makes A Bold Statement With Bespoke Paint Scheme

The owner of the car order his Wraith with a contrasting Salamanca Blue and Ensign Red paint job.

Undersized Rolls-Royce Phantom Replica Won’t Be Fooling Anybody

While the body kit is not that bad, the execution leaves a lot to be desired and the size is totally wrong.

Former Rolls-Royce Design Boss Lands Job At China’s Hongqi

Giles Taylor will be responsible for the design of the Chinese automaker’s concept and production cars.

Rolls-Royce Houston Retailer Will Sell You Cars For Bitcoin

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Houston is the first Rolls-Royce dealership in the U.S. to accept both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Indian Driver Crashes Rolls-Royce Ghost Before Even Getting Its Plates

If you’re going to splash out a million bucks on a Rolls-Royce, you might want to drive it more carefully than this guy did in Mumbai.

Rolls-Royce Phantom EWB’s “Privacy Suite” Offers Total Isolation From The Peasants

The new option offers passenger total discretion when riding in the back of the Extended Wheelbase Phantom.

Google Exec Has Bespoke Rolls-Royce Dawn Black Badge Delivered At Pebble Beach

Rolls-Royce had to create two new paint colors for the highly-personalized drop top..

Rolls-Royce Is Developing Microbots To Maintain Aircraft Engines

Engineers claim that if the new tech works, a 5-hour job might take just 5 minutes.

Rolls-Royce To Introduce A Handful Of Bespoke Models At Pebble Beach

Rolls-Royce will showcase four versions of the Cullinan.

BMW Wants To Top Up Your Champagne Glass… From The Bottom

A patent application reveals an innovative new system BMW is working on to dispense beverages from beneath the armrest.

New Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Collection Pays Tribute To Iconic Model

The special edition Rolls-Royce Ghost Collection is limited to 35 examples, all of them carrying impressive updates.