Does The Tesla Model X Work As Well In The UK?

While Teslas have proven to work pretty well in the US, European customers are still a bit skeptical towards their high-end electric models.

Carwow took a Tesla Model X 100D and put it through its traditional review procedure, looking more into the practical side of things.

Thanks to its bespoke EV architecture, the Model X is one of the most practical seven-seat vehicles in the market, having the ability to host adults even in its third row of seats. And even if you don’t like the flashy character of the Falcon doors, you can’t deny that they offer huge access to the middle row.

Then you get one of the best onboard tech features known to the automotive industry, that huge portrait-style infotainment screen that controls pretty much everything on the car. Add one of the most advanced autonomous functions available right now and suddenly the benefits start to make the Model X seem irresistible.

That is, of course, if you’re willing to pay the premium for the only electric SUV in the market right now. Find out more in the video review below.


  • supermanuel

    It’s not an SUV. It’s just not. It’s an MPV, a soccer mom minivan. Nothing wrong with that- it’s the most extraordinary minivan available, but it’s still not an SUV.

  • Blanka Li

    The ugly, oh the ugly . . .

  • Enter Ranting

    Those doors are gonna be a nightmare in two years.