BMW Targets Euro-4 And Older Diesel Models With £2,000 Incentive

BMW continues to stand by diesel engines, but that hasn’t stopped the company from launching a new incentive program which targets the beleaguered powertrain in the United Kingdom.

Dubbed the “Lower Emissions Allowance,” the incentive program aims to get owners of Euro-4 and older diesel vehicles to trade up to something more eco-friendly. Eligible customers will receive an additional £2,000 off new BMW and MINI models which have CO2 emissions of 130 g/km or less.

The incentive program isn’t without its drawbacks as customers will need to trade-in their diesel-powered vehicle to qualify for the incentive. Given the reputation of diesels at the moment, this might not be the best time to sell. However, BMW says “To ensure fairness for those customers wishing to upgrade to a cleaner, more modern vehicle, they will be given a suitable average price for their existing car.”

The program is open to customers of any brand and the credit will be applied on top of other government or retailer incentives. This means customers could pick up a MINI for as little as £130 per month or a BMW for under £155 per month.

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