Audi Names Sales Chief Interim CEO Following Stadler’s Arrest

With Rupert Stadler in police custody, Audi has named sales/marketing chief Bram Schot as interim CEO.

UK Buyers More Concerned With Diesels Than With Brexit

Car buyer confidence continues to drop in the UK with regards to fuel choice.

Audi Boss Rupert Stadler Arrested During Diesel Probe

Prosecutors believe Audi chief Rupert Stadler could hinder their diesel investigation.

Mercedes Ordered To Recall 774,000 Diesel Vehicles Across Europe

Despite the recall, Daimler seems to have avoided being slapped with heavy fines.

New Audi A8 Diesel Gets Muscled Up By ABT

The V6 TDI diesel in the latest Audi A8 now makes 330PS and 650Nm of torque.

VW Hit With Nearly $1.2 Billion Fine In Germany For Dieselgate Scandal

VW admits “responsibility for the diesel crisis” which led to 10.7 million vehicles being equipped with defeat devices.

Alpina XD5 Based On New 2019 BMW X5 Would Be One Heck Of An Autobahn Stormer

An Alpina XD5 would serve as a suitable foil to the new BMW X5 M50d and big brother to the XD3/XD4… if only they’d make one.

Martin Winterkorn Summoned To Testify In German VW Diesel Lawsuit

The former Volkswagen chief executive reportedly knew of diesel cheating in 2014.

Study Finds Almost All New Diesels Are Dirty, Automakers Disagree

Popular Mechanics came to this conclusion after 370k measurements in various European countries.

Volkswagen Pledges To Stop Using Animals For Diesel Testing

Volkswagen has learned its lesson from testing diesel gases on monkeys.

2019 Hyundai Tucson Revealed With Diesel Mild Hybrid Powertrain

The new mild hybrid system helps the updated Hyundai Tucson in reducing emissions and fuel consumption.

Nissan Reportedly Cancels Development Of Diesels, Renault To Do The Same

Nissan will continue to offer diesel-powered commercial vehicles, with engines sourced from their partners.