Tesla Model X Driver Claims Car Went Homicidal All By Itself Crashing Into Parked Toyota

This incident involving an out-of-control Tesla Model X took place recently in Puerto Rico.

Tesla Slapped With Lawsuit For Allegedly Cutting Battery Capacity

The plaintiff accuses Tesla of intentionally reducing the capacity of older cars’ batteries to avoid issuing a recall.

Tesla Brings Back Previously “Unsustainable” Free Unlimited Supercharging, But Only For Model S And X

Model 3 owners will still have to pay to recharge.

Like The Dodge Challenger And Charger? You’re Not Alone, So Do Car Thieves

The BMW 3-Series had the lowest theft rate.

Tesla Sales Are Thriving, But It Still Lost $408 Million In The Second Quarter

Tesla also posted revenue of $6.35 billion for the second quarter after setting a delivery record.

Tesla Says Model S And Model X… Aren’t That Important For Its Future?

Elon Musk says demand for the Model Y and Model 3 could reach over 2 million units annually.

Tesla Drops Standard Range Model S And Model X From Lineup

The entry-level Tesla Model S now starts at $79,990 and the Model X starts at $84,990.

Elon Musk Says There Are No Plans For “Refreshed” Model S Or Model X

The outspoken executive also dismissed claims about interior updates.

Aussie Police Add Tesla Model X To Victoria State Highway Patrol Fleet

This Model X is not just for show purposes, but will be actually patrolling the streets .

Tesla Cuts Prices Of The Model S And Model X

Tesla has reduced the Model S by $3000 and the Model X by $2000.

Tesla Model X Bizarrely Balances On Guardrail After Crash

This weird incident happened in France and, thankfully, no one was injured .

Recent Tesla Fires Could Hurt EV Sales, Analysts Suggest

Tesla recently issued an over-the-air update following three cases of Model S vehicles catching fire.