Tesla Model 3 T-Bones Inattentive Honda Accord Driver

The Honda Accord owner didn’t have any insurance.

Ferrari 812 Huffs And Puffs, Edges Out Model X P100D In 1/4 Mile Drag Race

Despite the Tesla’s excellent launch, the Ferrari clawed its way back thanks to its monstrous V12 engine.

Tesla Model S Driver Ignores Autopilot Warning, Rear-Ends A Nissan SUV

The Model S impacted the stationary Nissan at roughly 45 mph (72 km/h).

Tesla Says The Model 3 Has The Lowest Probability Of Injury For Any Vehicle

Tesla says the Model 3 has received a perfect 5-star safety rating in every category and sub-category of NHTSA.

Just How Fast Is The Tesla Model 3 In A Straight Line?

Strap on a lighter set of wheels and you could be hitting 60 mph in as little as 3.12 seconds.

Tesla’s Mad Max Mode Allows For Aggressive, Autopilot Overtakes

Tesla has updated Autopilot with another helpful feature.

Tesla Model 3 Driver Pulled Over For Having His “Computer Mounted” On The Dashboard

The officer thought that the Model 3’s stock infotainment display was just a tablet mounted on by the owner of the car.

Tesla Model 3 Performance Sets Blistering 11.72 Second Quarter Mile

Yep, the Tesla Model 3 Performance is quick. Very quick.

Superbike, F1 And Tesla Racers Go Against Aston Martin, Lotus And F-16 Fighter Jet

The venerable Fighting Falcon didn’t manage to win the race. As a matter of fact, third place is all it could muster.

DEA Plane Crash-Lands At Texas Street, Hits Tesla Model X And Toyota Corolla

Fortunately, neither the plane passengers or any of the car occupants were injured.

Tesla Roadster Resurfaces In White At Grand Basel

The Tesla Roadster looks pretty slick rocking the storm-trooper look, doesn’t it?.

Watch A Tesla On Autopilot Run A Red Light While Its Driver Does Nothing

Even though it’s not fully autonomous, at least not yet, this driver treated his Tesla as if it could drive itself.