Watch Thieves Steal A Tesla Model S In Seconds With Relay Attack

A recent study out of Germany found that almost all cars with keyless entry can be stolen just like this Tesla.

Tesla Model S Catches Fire In Chinese Repair Facility

Tesla has claims that the electric sedan’s battery pack had sustained serious water damage and the body shop didn’t handle it properly.

Tesla Model X Driver Claims Car Went Homicidal All By Itself Crashing Into Parked Toyota

This incident involving an out-of-control Tesla Model X took place recently in Puerto Rico.

Tesla Model 3 Owner Implants Keycard Chip Into Her Arm

It sure works, although the driver’s forearm must be one inch away from the console for the car to start up.

Tesla Model 3 Catches Fire Following A Crash In Moscow

The Tesla Model 3 was reportedly traveling in autopilot mode when the accident happened.

Novitec’s Tesla Model 3 Is Sporty On The Outside, Luxurious Inside

Following the Model S and Model X, Novitec has now launched its tuning package for the Model 3.

Elderly Ram Driver Swipes Tesla After Crossing Into Opposing Traffic

Authorities have the license plate number of the Ram 1500 driver.

Sentry Mode’s Onboard Cameras Catch Vandal Keying A Tesla Model 3

The young vandal even looked back at the car after he was done to admire the damage he had caused.

How About That? Tesla Model 3 Deemed More Fun To Drive Than BMW 330i

It’s not just the Tesla Model 3’s superior acceleration but also the way it goes through turns.

Tesla Model 3 Driver Blames Emergency Braking For Hitting Construction Zone Cones

Safety systems are there to assist the driver, not absolve him of any responsibility – but someone didn’t get the message…

Tesla Model 3 Destroyed After Falling 40 Feet Down Oregon Embankment

The Tesla Model 3 driver may have had a seizure but escaped without serious injuries.

Honda Accord Slams Into Tesla In California, Sends It Into A Guard Rail

The Tesla is probably a write-off while the Honda Accord may only need a new bumper.