What If Tesla’s Upcoming Pickup Truck Looked Like This?

The Tesla truck should cost less than $50,000, have room for six and a 400-500-mile range.

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Tesla Slams Into Pickup Truck After Being Cut Off

A more thorough look up the road from the pickup driver could have prevented this crash.

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This Model X is not just for show purposes, but will be actually patrolling the streets .

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Dashcam Shows Camaro Brake Checking Tesla Before Crash

The cameras of the Tesla sedan captured the dangerous driving of the Chevrolet Camaro.

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This Tesla Model 3 was keyed in Sacramento and the two vandals appear unaware they were being filmed.

Tesla Model X Recreated On Amazing 1:10 Scale Model By Lego Technic Fan

This Lego Technic Model X features remote-controlled doors, wing and suspension, and has 9 small motors.

Hands-Free Porn Movie Filmed In Tesla Model X On Autopilot, Musk Tweets “Shoulda Seen It Coming”

Elon Musk was amused by the Pornhub video filmed in a self-driving Tesla Model X on Autopilot mode.

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Although the tech is promising, it clearly has some way to go before it is actually ready.