Tesla Slams Into Infiniti After Running Red Light At 128 MPH

The Tesla Model S driver faces three counts of reckless driving.

Tesla’s Romance Mode Will Make You Hot Under The Collar

Tesla gets romantic, turns on the fireplace and puts on Marvin Gaye love songs.

Would You Spend Nearly $3K On This Aftermarket Tesla Model 3 Front Bumper?

Sold by Unplugged Performance, the bolt-on front fascia gives the Model 3 a performance look.

Tesla Model 3 Avoids Crash; Fast Driver Reaction Or Automated Braking System?

We don’t really know, but that Model 3 came to a full stop incredibly fast.

Tesla Launches Dog Mode To Protect Your Pooch

Tesla’s dog mode will keep the climate control system running while owners run errands.

Tesla Model X Owner Blames ‘Confused’ Autopilot For Running Off Highway

Tesla will probably investigate this Model X crash.

Tesla Model 3’s Autopilot Saves The Day Avoiding Crash With Swerving Toyota

Autopilot’s remarkable reaction kept the Model 3 safe from the erratic driving behavior of a Toyota Corolla.

Careless Tesla Model X Owner Clips His SUV’s Falcon Wing

The Model X’s gullwing-like rear doors are very cool, but inattentive owners keep destroying them.

Tesla Model 3 Deemed A Write Off After Slamming Into Mercedes C-Class

The driver of the Merc slowed down for a pedestrian, then turned right in front of the oncoming Tesla.

Tesla Model 3 Performance Declared To Be In A Class Of Its Own

The $35k model isn’t available yet, but the existing versions combine stellar performance and long range.

Self-Driving Tesla Killed Autonomous Promobot In (Cheeky) Hit-And-Run At CES

In what looks like a PR stunt, Promobot went on to tweet Elon Musk about the incident .

LS V8-Swapped Porsche 944 Is A Drifting, Rubber-Burning Christmas Tree

This Porsche 944 wishes you a Merry Christmas!.