Daimler Adds More Hydrogen Filling Stations In Germany

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Daimler is expanding the number of hydrogen filling stations throughout Germany, adding two more in Sindelfingen and Pforzheim.

Daimler joined forces with Linde and Shell in 2015 and intends on installing as many as 400 hydrogen filling stations by 2023 across Germany and by next year, plans to have 100 of them up and running.

Discussing the new stations, head of CASE and e-Drive Development at Daimler AG, Jochen Hermann said “Our new fuel-cell vehicle based on the Mercedes-Benz GLC is on the starting block. Of course, if it is to be a real alternative for customers, a comprehensive H2 service station network is needed. Together with our partner H2 Mobility, we are working intensively on expanding the network. Zero-emissions, long-range mobility will soon be a reality in Germany.”

Daimler’s decision to improve hydrogen infrastructure across Germany comes despite its limited focus on the alternative power source. Soon, the company will offer the GLC F-Cell to the public but it is expected to be its sole hydrogen model.

In fact, Daimler chief executive Dieter Zetsche hinted just a few months ago that battery costs are decreasing so rapidly that it makes more financial sense to build electric vehicles than hydrogen ones. Consequently, Mercedes is embarking on an ambitious project to launch a fleet of electric vehicles in the coming years under its EQ name.