Even The Absurdly Expensive Bentley Bentayga Has Its Weird Quirks

Money can’t buy you happiness, but at least they can buy you nice things, right? If so, the stakes for the Bentley Bentayga have been set pretty high, especially if you consider its price tag.

KBB’s test car came loaded with a few options that took its price up to $273,000 which is definitely pushing the limit of how much can a car maker ask for an SUV –albeit Rolls Royce will render our argument invalid in a few years’ time.

For that amount of money, you demand perfection on any area; from the quality of the materials inside, to the onboard technology, comfort, ride quality and the list goes on.

The twin-turbo 6.0-liter W12 engine makes the Bentayga ridiculously fast, with 0-60mph coming in 4 seconds flat and a top speed of 187mph. That’s what 600hp and 663lb-ft of peak torque will do to a big SUV like this.

But is it perfect? Does it make you feel like a king? All these questions and more will be answered on the video linked below.


  • Six_Tymes

    “as a guy who hates attention, i prefer to maintain a low profile”. riiiiggghht… but, overall a good review

  • Wandering_Spirit

    Too expensive as a hearse for the countryside.

  • rover10

    Saw my first of these in a car park and was underwhelmed. Unsurprisingly, there was a Range Rover parked nearby, and it looked more impressive? The Bentley styling is odd and not particularly modern. I wonder what the Rolls SUV will have, that the Bentley doesn’t? In some ways the Bentley and Rolls entry into the SUV market, is similar to your old headmaster trying desperately to look cool, at the end of term disco.

    • BobV12

      That’s the problem when another brand’s platform is used. Character gets diluted in marketing.

    • sirbarton

      I saw one yesterday in LA on the 2 freeway heading north. The suspension seemed to be lowered in to it’s most road friendly setting. It looked very odd. When I first saw it, it made me think of some of the odd crossovers I saw in Korea, but then up close I could see the quality of the build. But it still looks like one of those weird Lincoln MKT things. IT’s a terribly ugly design. It just is.

      If i had $200k to waste on a sporty SUV, I’d be heading straight for the Range Rover Autobiography.

    • TheBelltower

      A guy in my building has one. I almost fell over when he said it cost over $300k. While it is impressive, it doesn’t feel like money the same way that a Mulsanne or a Flying Spur does. The interior feels like an Audi and the exterior has the homely proportions of a Q7. A Range Rover is a much more authentic luxury SUV even though it slower and costs half as much. The VW group usually the VW group does a great job at sharing platforms. But not in this instance.

      • rover10

        It does really depend on the stable from which these vehicles come. Current, Bentley styling is not as comfortable to the eye, as the Rolls range and Mercedes ‘S’/ Maybach. It goes without saying, styling preference is in the minds of those who buy them, and we mere mortals can only boggle at the prices. However, I place the Bentley with the new Q7 as being off target. As I said above, the Rolls iteration of a SUV fills me with some apprehension.

  • Craig

    Price aside – the Bentayga is very appealing to me.

  • europeon

    Good review, I’m surprised. Micah wasn’t a particularly good or funny reviewer, but he came a long way.

  • javier

    i like the vid , but the truck looks looks like a cheap @ss chrysler

  • Erzhik

    So many reasons why Cullinan will shit all over this thing. You are really better off with a fully loaded Q7 Exclusive and some spare cash for a G63.

  • Romanovich

    Who has a money, to buy this type of vehicle, he will buy. Rest of us just tooking, this car to expensive or to ugly and etc etc.

    • javier

      there’s this middle aged woman who is a dentist in sf near where i live-she has had in the last 5 years a red california, a black califonia, and now a dark colored bentayga. Sadly i bet none of these has ever gone over 80 mph

  • emjayay

    Wierd unintuitive plan view on the center screen. And I don’t like the early 1950’s rear fender shape from when designers (other than the Shoebox Ford guys) thought buyers would be uncomfortable without a reference to how cars used to be made in the prewar days, or else just retained a bit of that construction. Real Bentleys/Rollses got past that decades ago.

  • Subi-Rubicon1

    The Bentley design doesn’t really work well the proportions of a vehicle of this size. Just like Lexus trying to adapt the Predator grill across its lineup, the design simply doesn’t lend itself for all applications.

  • Bob White

    At the core, this still has the bones of a VW.

  • TrevP

    It really doesn’t have sliding sun visor?? wow……