Does The Denza Concept X Preview A Discount Mercedes EQC For China?

As with the EQC, Denza’s production electric SUV will offer a range of up to 500 km.

BMW Tips The Hat To Mercedes’ Departing CEO Zetsche With Cheeky Video

BMW sends a very funny thank-you note to Mercedes’ departing boss Dieter Zetsche.

Mercedes-Benz Will Go Completely Carbon-Neutral By 2039

The Ambition2039 plan concerns electric and PHEV powertrains, as well as improving fuel cell technology.

BAIC Wants To Buy 5% Stake In Daimler, Worth $3.3 Billion

The Chinese company reportedly wants to secure its investment in Beijing Benz Automotive.

Daimler Doesn’t Know How Kim Jong Un Got His Armored Mercedes Limos

The North Korean leader appears to have beaten the UN sanctions for luxury goods .

Daimler Sees An Opportunity To “Pool Our Technological Resources” With BMW

Daimler and BMW could eventually work together on Level 4 and 5 autonomous systems.

Daimler May End Renault-Nissan Partnership, Cut 10,000 Jobs To Reduce Costs

These measures could be implemented as Daimler is looking for $6.75 billion in cost savings at Mercedes-Benz by 2021.

Police Arrest 16 People After 100 Car2Go Mercedes And Smarts Stolen In Chicago

Police in Chicago have managed to recover most of the stolen Car2Go vehicles.

Mercedes GLK Under Investigation By German Authorities In New Diesel Probe

Some 60,000 Mercedes GLK models are suspected of being fitted with emissions-cheating software.

Daimler, BMW And The VW Group Charged With Emissions Collusion By EU Regulators

The charges come nearly two years after authorities carried out raids at the automakers’ headquarters.

Vladimir Putin Inaugurates First Mercedes-Benz Factory In Russia

Mercedes’ Moscovia plant has kicked off production of the E-Class sedan for the Russian market.

Daimler CEO Says Boeing Safety Probe Is Indicative Of Challenges Awaiting Autonomous Cars

Boeing’s 737 MAX aircraft was grounded after two tragic incidents in five months.