How Far Can You Drive On An Empty Fuel Tank?

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Seeing the fuel light turn on when driving is never a good feeling and while it’s better for your engine not to run it with very little fuel left, the truth is that most of us do it anyway.

Newer cars that actually offer an estimated fuel range help to relieve any anxiety about coming to an abrupt stop but typically, older cars simply have a fuel light and gauge to tell you that the end is near. However, if you were brave enough, just how far could you drive with the light on and the gauge firmly affixed to 0?

Car Throttle headed out on the motorway to find out with their Honda Accord and incredibly, were able to drive 99 miles (159 km) with the fuel gauge on 0 and 124 miles (199 km) from the moment the fuel light turned on.

Now, before you go out with your car and attempt to beat these figures, keep in mind that the accuracy of fuel lights and gauges varies greatly between vehicles. Also, be sure to have a jerrycan at the ready for when you do run out.