You Can’t Touch This: Boy Racer in Citroen Saxo has Cops Running in Circles


A rather foxy yet clearly irresponsible teenage driver of a Citroen Saxo had British police running in circles –literally- in a chase that took place at the Hams Hall industrial estate near Coleshill, England, last month during a police crackdown on what they call illegal car cruise events.

One of the spectators who had stopped on the side of the road to enjoy the chase filmed the young man’s shenanigans and uploaded the video on Youtube for all to see.

It all started when an unmarked Seat Leon hatchback pursued the driver of the silver Saxo who managed to escape by speeding up, down and even in…reverse on the busy highway.

Several other police cars quickly joined the unmarked Leon in the pursuit but surprisingly, the canny driver of the Saxo was able to break free, as the officers didn’t want to put endanger the lives of the other drivers.

The police later found the Citroen supermini abandon approximately 12 miles away from the scene in Coventry but not the driver who remains on the loose.

“A decision was taken by the police, on grounds of safety to other road users, not to continue to follow the car,” said a spokesperson for the Warwickshire Police.

The French hatchback was later crushed under a new hooning law granted by Birmingham High Court which forbids 'car cruising'.

Inspector Patrick Devereux, of Warwickshire Police, told the Daily Mail:

“The injunction in place at Hams Hall and the surrounding villages gives the police the power to seize the cars of those taking part and those who go to watch. Many of these cars, the pride and joy of their owners, will end up being crushed.”

“We don't want people to think the police are taking this action just to stop people having fun, the point is these are illegal gatherings which pose a massive threat to businesses and to the people who live nearby. Not only are the Hams Hall illegal cruise events causing disruption in the area, but the combination of racing cars and large crowds on roads that are also being used by private motorists is lethal,” Devereux added.



Anonymous said... »July 07, 2011

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Anonymous said... »July 07, 2011


Anonymous said... »July 07, 2011

yeah very the end police always catch them....and not always happy end..because of 1 idiot many times other people died...

Anonymous said... »July 07, 2011

Normally at this point someone would say, stupid american.... oh wait

Anonymous said... »July 07, 2011

retards... yes we have them here in the U.K. too.

does anyone else feel like slapping the idiot laughing like a inbred retard in the video?

Anonymous said... »July 07, 2011

Are you kidding I want to slap all of them on the side of the street. Oh, Jesus!

Trampolina Whambang said... »July 07, 2011

This would make a great ad for condoms.

Anonymous said... »July 07, 2011

A few short bursts of an MP5 out the window of the marked car would sort those little tossers out.

Kid Voltron said... »July 08, 2011

it's stupid but funny! I'm sure the video was/is popular at the precinct too, they other cops were probably laughing at the undercover agent in the Leon...

Anonymous said... »July 08, 2011

This mockery doesn't happen in the states, they just shoot the tyres out. Take note Cameron!

Anonymous said... »July 08, 2011

"Normally at this point someone would say, stupid american.... oh wait"

are you fucking deaf? could not hear what those aholes were saying?

Anonymous said... »July 08, 2011

^......Or worst! Shoot the driver. Happens a lot in the states in these cases of 'Public Endangerment'.

As someone here said, no country has a monopoly on idiots. They are pretty evenly distribute around the globe as Canada(BC) recently found out with their Soccer riot debacle

Anonymous said... »July 08, 2011

"Crushed" Wow! So Totalitarian, not to mention environmentally unwise.

Anonymous said... »July 08, 2011

Ironic to think that just on the other side of that hedge are genuinely passionate car people with brains building engines in the BMW Hams Hall plant!!!

Where else are the inbreads to be found? A 1 mile straight stretch of duel-lane road with two roundabouts for chicanes, all containing estate only traffic; can only be an invitation for such meetings of not-so-great minds. ;-)

UC Knot said... »July 08, 2011

Quote: "As someone here said, no country has a monopoly on idiots. They are pretty evenly distribute around the globe as Canada(BC) recently found out with their Soccer riot debacle"

Nice try. The Vancouver riot followed a hockey game, not soccer. Vancouver is also Canada's most progressive, liberal city, home to lots of environmentalists, anti-G8/G20 and 'black bloc' folk. Remembering what happened in 1994, it wasn't just 'idiots', it was a planned provocation.

Anonymous said... »July 09, 2011

If the US has the highest number serial killers it can also have the largest no. of Idiots.

anonymous said... »July 18, 2011

What if the car was stolen? Stupid gormless, narcissistic, borderline sociopathic police and associated judicial idiots....

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