Police Officer Stops California Highway Traffic, SUV Driver Totally Ignores Him

The police officer halted traffic to remove an exercise machine from the road, but not everyone stopped.

Driver Speeding Down Highway Shoulder Gets A Slice Of Police-Flavored Karma

The driver of this Hyundai Tucson didn’t save any time driving on the highway shoulder.

Florida Man Arrested For Going 100MPH Tells Cops “The Car Is A Ferrari And It Goes Fast”

29-year-old Gabriel Molina allegedly accelerated to 100 mph trying to evade the police.

Watch Californian Police Put A Tesla Model S Through Its Paces

This Tesla Model S was purchased used in 2014 for a touch over $61,000.

Australia’s Northern Territory Police Will Patrol Its Highways In Kia Stingers

The Stinger features a twin-turbo 3.3-liter V6 engine with 365 HP, so it’s well suited to this role.

Police Officer T-Bones Car In School Parking Lot, Gets Suspended – For One Day

The officer, who was responding to a bomb threat, hit a 17-year-old’s white sedan, breaking her collarbone.

Man Livestreams Hitting 185 MPH In A Mustang GT350, Gets Himself Arrested

Although he seemed to get off the hook with a warning, the police later watched the video – and didn’t like it.

Driver Didn’t Go Down Quietly During 100 MPH Police Chase

An Ohio woman led police on a high-speed chase in Cleveland, resulting in a dramatic arrest.

To Serve And Collect: Massachusetts Troopers Had To Issue A Minimum Of Tickets

State police officers who didn’t adhere to the 8-10 citation quota were allegedly excluded from overtime programs .

Honda Civic Type R Joins Aussie Police Force But Won’t Be Chasing Bad Guys

The 306 HP Civic Type R will not enter patrol duty but be used as a promotional vehicle for the NSW police.

Motorcyclist Tries To Evade Cops, Gets Rammed And Handcuffed Instead

As this motoryclist discovered, when you go flat out trying to evade the police is bound to end in tears.

2020 Ford Explorer Interceptor Has A Trick Up Its Sleeves To Protect Officers From Rear-End Crashes

The Explorer Police Interceptor Utility has been safety rated at 75 mph for rear collisions.