Nissan GT-R Police Car Enters Service In Japan

The Nissan GT-R was donated to the Tochigi police by a local resident.

2019 Dodge Durango Pursuit Gets A New Face And Updated Suspension

Dodge revealed the 2019 Durango Pursuit at the 2019 National Sheriffs’ Association Show.

2020 Ford Explorer Teased As New Police Hybrid Interceptor Utility

Ford’s latest Police Interceptor Utility gets a hybrid powertrain for better performance and lower fuel bills.

Ford’s Unmarked Police Cars Could Get A Whole Lot Harder To Spot With Patented Concealed LEDs

Spotting an unmarked police cruiser could get a lot more difficult if Ford puts this patented technology into place.

Officer Forgets To Pull The Handbrake, Patrol Car Ends Up In A Ditch

If you haven’t secured your vehicle, it might start rolling – and you definitely don’t want that.

Officer Knocks Rider Off Motorcycle, Gets Surrounded By Dozens Of Bikers

The motorcycle rider was eventually taken into custody, seemingly unharmed.

Tesla Model S Hits Police SUV With Autopilot Mode Allegedly Engaged

The collision pushed the already parked police SUV onto a sidewalk, resulting in substantial damage.

Mini JCW Makes For A Pretty Cool Little Cop Car At BMW’s RETTmobil Stand

BMW has brought out a range of emergency vehicles to this year’s RETTmobil show in Germany, including this Mini John Cooper Works police car.

University Student Busted Driving Lamborghini Huracan At 200 Km/h

The Chinese student’s Huracan was a wedding gift he received just four days earlier.

Police Chase In Russia Ends With Patrol Car Flying Off The Road

The Russian officer lost control of the vehicle at high speed while chasing a drunk driver.

Dodge Durango Pursuit Coming To A Police Unit Near You

The Dodge Durango Pursuit joins the Charger Pursuit currently in use.

Shhh….Nissan Leaf Police Cars Ready For Duty In Japan

Japan’s Fukuoka prefecture took delivery of 22 Nissan Leafs this week.