Ram Joins Chevy in Smacking Around the Ford F-150 with a New Commercial

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You'll most likely remember Chevrolet's recent Super Bowl XLVI ad on the Silverado where it made fun of "Dave" who didn't make it to the rendezvous point with his friends after a post-apocalyptic catastrophe because he was driving a Ford F-150.

General Motors' move to take a swipe at the F-150 has found a follower as the Chrysler Group's Ram Trucks division has launched its own commercial poking some fun at the Ford pickup truck.

The ad starts by showing the Ram truck with a deep voice (doesn't it remind you of the garbled voices shouting "they took our jobs" in South Park?) in the background asking this question:

"What would happen if you were to take away 30-horsepower from a Ram 1500, remove 27 foot pounds of torque and subtract 40,000 miles from its powertrain limited warranty?" The same voice answers: "Well, you'd end up with a Ford F-150."

This isn’t the first time Chrysler is sizzling Ford. Last year Dodge aired two commercials comparing the new Durango to the Ford Explorer – though the videos have since been removed.

In Brazil, Nissan also did the same, though in this case, Ford's legal division filed a criminal lawsuit against the Japanese company. The ad is still available for viewing almost a year later.