This London Double-Decker Bus Can Do Push Ups – No, Seriously


From the colorful and sometimes strange world of arts comes this creation made by a Czech artist to commemorate the London 2012 Summer Olympics in the British capital on Friday, July 27.

Artist David Cerny transformed a traditional London double-decker bus into a moving sculpture with huge arms that represents an athlete doing push-ups and which is named "London Boosted".

Cerny fitted the 6-tonne bus with a special hydraulic system that allows it move up and down on the arms, accompanied by recordings of a groaning voice while it exercises.

"There is one common exercise for every sportsman in the world, and that is push-ups," said Cerny, according to Reuters. "It is training for sport activities but at the same time it is also punishment in armies and prisons. So the push-ups are a very universal physical activity...It is in a way very ironic."

The "London Boosted" sculpture will reside outside the Czech Olympic House in London's Islington neighborhood during the course of the games.



frank said... »July 23, 2012

where do they come up with these dumb idea's.. and who's paying for it

Hugh Jorgan said... »July 23, 2012

A response one would expect from someone who thinks art is a guy's name.

Ben said... »July 23, 2012

i like it, quite creative

europeon said... »July 23, 2012

Pole vaulting would have been art, push ups is just a dumb idea.

Drcohen1938 said... »July 23, 2012

Wow, we agree.

Jiron Mohamad said... »July 24, 2012

Now, how does it feel like when you're inside the bus?

Ben said... »July 24, 2012

why, thank you ;)

Kari said... »July 25, 2012

muscle bus!

Abbie said... »July 25, 2012

It's not even a London bus its never operated in London in its life also it's not a routemaster either as ITN news seems to think.

tyre machines said... »August 16, 2012

Double decker buses are London's trademark and representation of what that country truly has. They hosted the year's olympics with such passion.

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