Oh, the Horror…Airborne Styrofoam Causes Multiple Motorcycles to Crash Down on Texas Highway


Styrofoam may be as light as a feather but try dealing with a board coming your way on the highway...while riding on a motorcycle and it's a completely different story, as a group of bikers found out earlier this week.

This incident, which was recorded by one of the riders equipped with a GoPro helmet camera, took place in McAllen, Texas.

"Thanks to some idiots who didnt tie down their box of styro foam it flew out of a trailer and hit 1 guy he fell and the rider behind him clipped his bike and fell aswell," said one of the bikers, nicknamed "Astat4" on YouTube.

The rider went into more details on a forum posting at Stuntride:

"This was our weekly ride that we do ever wednesday with our crew, my friend was recording with his go pro and i got the footage from him, we were going for our ride on the highway and there was this truck hauling a trailer with boxes of styra foam and they wernt strapped down, 1 box flew out and one member (250) couldnt dodge it hit the box and went down, the other rider (R6) clipped his bike and fell aswell the the ride on the250 is the body on the left and the body on the right side rolling is the r6 rider, also our leader of the crew."

"Both guys were taken to the hospital and were out the next day with some road rash and a few bruises, the 250 was totaled and the r6 was saved cause of the crash cage it had."

It remains unknown if the driver responsible for the accident was caught.



aaronbbrown said... »August 29, 2012

 Hard to make a call here because you can't really see what happened up ahead.  Styrofoam is something you can just blow through, as the rider doing the video demonstrates. Looks like somebody panicked and wound up taking out other riders.  This is the kind of thing that all happens in a split second so it's hard to fault anyone beyond the person who failed to secure their load, and was responsible for this accident.

 I never liked riding in large groups, or with people whose experience level I'm not familiar with. I've seen too many of these type accidents, where one person screws up and causes others to crash.  If there's  debris in front of you that you can't avoid, better just to brace yourself and take the impact as best you can, especially if you have other riders around you. It all depends on the size of the debris of course, solid things like metal parts, you should try to avoid no matter what, but lightweight things like this don't pose much of a danger unless they get under your wheels and cause you to lose traction, but that usually won't happen if you stay off the brakes.  

I've been hit by debris while riding and isn't much fun,  taken hits in the body, the hands, the feet, and even the face, when some ass-hole shot a kumquat into my eye with a wrist rocket as I was riding by. Luckily I had glasses on.  Having a full face helmet on with the shield down is the best way to avoid getting hit in the face. Also motorcycles with fairings provide much greater protection than those without.   I hit a large bird once, and the fairing kept it from hitting me in the chest.

Sack said... »August 30, 2012

It is too hard to see what happened exactly that made the riders go down but as already said, it may have been inexperience. I can see a rider panic, not know what exactly he's going to run into, slam on the binders, run over some styrofoam and there goes the front wheel, taking down others along the way. Could have been much worse if traffic hadn't come to a stop.

Gionormal said... »August 30, 2012

same shit happened to me in Arlington, TX this weekend. I am not a rider, so I wan in my car. And at night, you cant see the difference if its styrofoam or wood planks or what. So I prepared for a hit, but it turns out it was styrofoam. It was at Highway 360 in arlington...

Xzdcc said... »August 30, 2012

whats with the reving??

Strykeback said... »August 30, 2012

He was obviously upset and panicked based on the audio. I
think subconsciously he was trying to physically deal with the emotions his
brain was processing upon seeing his friends spilled out on the road. I’ll bet
if he was later asked about the revving had no recollection of ever doing that without
seeing the video. It’s not uncommon for people who have not been trained to
handle stress like police, fire and military to have strange reaction when emergency
situations are presented.     

Florentino Agusta said... »August 30, 2012

if you can't see, then read the article. duh!

TangoUrilla said... »August 30, 2012

Oh god oh god oh god, someone has come off, quick ride the wrong way down the road, I'm safe! Fail.
If she/he hadn't been such a drama queen the driver of the styra foam dropping vehicle might have been on tape.

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