Fiat Sings to the Tune of “The Fatherhood” in New 500L Commercial


Fiat’s sequel to the successful “The Motherhood” ad looks at life with newborn babies from a father’s perspective, because life is tough for new dads too. While “The Motherhood” song featured a hip-hop rhythm, the sequel has a 1980s pop feel to it. However, don’t think it is less punchy.

Set in the middle of the night, the video shows a tired father trying to get his two screaming babies to sleep by driving them around the neighborhood in the family's Fiat 500L.

This makes him reminisce how good his life as a bachelor was and wonder how he’s gone from Jack the Lad to Jack the Dad. However, despite that, he sings to his kids: “It’s fine because I love you and I’d never trade your mother/But in the future I’ll be abstinent and double up the rubber!” […].

The stressed out dad even devises a revenge plan for what he has to put up with: “You peed inside my bedding/But know I’ll get my own back/When I’m dancing at your wedding!”

The ad was inspired by a UK survey that revealed new parents drive on average 1,300 miles a year trying to get their children to sleep. Hence the song’s lyrics: “Keep the gear changes light/In a bid to calm their breathing.”

According to Fiat UK, the success of “The Motherhood” brought many requests for a sequel that would show the father’s side of the story. So there you have it. You can watch both videos below and drop us a comment to tell us whether the sequel is worthy of the original.

By Dan Mihalascu



Steve said... »March 14, 2013

Fiat is way off course

500normal said... »March 14, 2013

first ad was great work, but i think this one is just overkill. ... still love the first one, and the fiat 500L is still cool

Santiago Fern├índez said... »March 14, 2013

What the... did they smoke before making this?

donald seymour said... »March 14, 2013

I Love it.

Maja said... »March 14, 2013

first one 'Motherhood' sooo much better

SgtBeavis said... »March 14, 2013

I'm a new Father. I went with the F-150 instead.

The motherhood video was pretty good. My wife will have to see that one..

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