$3 Million eleMMent PALAZZO RV is a Super Luxurious Yacht on Wheels [w/Video]

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If you live in a small flat for which you pay far too much in rent, then you won’t really like this $3 million RV built specially for oil sheikhs – the ones who pick which G65 (not 63) AMG they are to use to conquer the dunes on any given day (gold-plated, platinum-plated or gold- and platinum-plated with ruby accents and carefully carved Citrine crystals for indicators).

These people will feel right at home in the newly-launched eleMMent PALAZZO by Austria's Marchi Mobile, which gets a double capital M in its name, and it alone is reportedly worth around one quarter of the entire asking price.

The PALAZZO has everything you could ever want. No, really, it genuinely does! From a pop-up terrace on the very top, to one of its sides popping out, it instantly turns into a palace on wheels – now you know where the wittily-chosen name comes from.

It gets larger rooms, including a master bedroom, living room complete with big-screen TV and the all-important fireplace – a must have on high-end RVs (probably), and a place where you can microwave the leftover haute cuisine you had for supper.

I'm sorry for writing this piece in such a ridiculous fashion, but the vehicle really warrants it, and I haven’t even begun to talk about its design… If you want a properly styled vehicle of the same basic shape, do Google coaches built by German manufacturer Neoplan – those could be called stylish, whereas the element PALAZZO is just plain weird, and looks like a bottom-feeding fish which is swimming upside down with a ghastly tumorous growth on its belly. It can, however, reach 93 mph ~150 km/h, so at least people won't get a good look at it when you pass by.

Check out the CNN video below for a different viewpoint on this new vehicle.

By Andrei Nedelea