This Is What a 240 Km/h Crash in a Lamborghini Looks Like from Inside

Crashing while going 240 km/h (149 mph) is something no one would like to experience in their lifetime. Nevertheless, when you are a racing driver, chances are that sooner or later you’ll be involved in a high-speed accident. One such crash was captured by a dash cam fitted inside a Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Super Trofeo racecar. We see the driver pushing the gas pedal to the metal while going on the strait line and then suddenly lifting the throttle while negotiating a high-speed right turn, sending the car into a spin towards the barriers. What happened was that the car’s rear end started to skid, instantly sending it into oversteer. The driver was lucky though, as the car only lightly touched the barriers. Despite the fact that the damage to the car was extensive, the driver could drive it back to the pits, as he emerged unscathed from the crash. Scroll down to watch the accident unfolding, and take a look at another crash that also happened because of a driver mistake, although a more embarrassing one. Especially since the person who was driving the Lamborghini Super Trofeo in the second video is Adrian Newey, the renowned Formula 1 engineer.By Dan Mihalascu

  • Will Davis

    Don’t be daft. These cars aren’t made of paper. Running over rumble strips isn’t going to ‘upset’ the car or ‘damage’ it, causing it to lose control a couple hundred meters further down the track. You’re overcomplicating things.

    It’s dead simple; he lost control trying to swerve around on cold tyres. If the car could so easily lose control due to a mere rumble strip, it wouldn’t be deemed safe for racing purposes. Racing places cars under far higher stress than a sodding rumble strip does.