1965 Lotus Cortina Sells For Three Times More Than A Ferrari F430!

This Ford Lotus Cortina sold for a whopping $270k at auction last weekend.

18-Year-Old Charged With DUI Smashes Lamborghini Gallardo Into Two Vehicles

The crash was so loud it made some mistake it for an explosion or something.

This Russian Is Trying To Rebuild A Destroyed Lamborghini Gallardo

The rear aluminum frame of this Lamborghini Gallardo has suffered some serious damage.

Manual Conversion For Lamborghini Gallardo Looks Like A Bit Of A Nightmare

Yes, you can install a manual transmission into an e-gear Lamborghini Gallardo but do you really want too?.

Holy Smokes! 44-Year Old Volvo 245 Gets A Lamborghini V10

Coming off a wrecked Gallardo GT2 racer, it has a broken engine block, so there’s still work to be done.

Lamborghini Gallardo Turns Into An Inferno Right After $14K Service

Only 3-4 hours after leaving a two-month service, this Gallardo Spyder exploded on the motorway.

Selezione Lamborghini Is The Brand’s Certified Pre-Owned Sales Program

All pre-owned Lamborghinis sold through this program come with a minimum 12-month warranty.

Can’t Decide Between A Lambo And A Mustang? Buy This 2009 Tractorri Custom That’s Both

This half Mustang, half Gallardo freak with only 2,564 miles on the odometer will go under the hammer next month.

Lamborghini Gallardo Recall Addresses Malfunctioning Warning Lights

The recall affects 1,152 units of the 2011-2014 Gallardo Coupe and Spyder in the United States.

Sharp Angle Overload: Gallardo-Based Salaff C2 Is The Work Of MX-5 Designer

Carlos Salaff has penned the Mazda3 and Miata, as well as the Furai and Nagare concepts.

Salaff C2 Marries A Lamborghini Gallardo Chassis With Custom Bodywork

The limited production car was created by former Mazda designer Carlos Salaff.

Do Ya Think Ex-Rod Stewart Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder Is Sexy? Then Bid On It

This Gallardo was parked in Rod Stewart’s garage for two years, and it’s now coming up for grabs.