Bob Lutz Says When EVs Become Competitive, Gasoline Cars Will Be Made Obsolete

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It’s always nice to hear Bob Lutz speaking out about the auto industry, as the former top level GM exec always has a keen insight into certain matters.

While previously, he was widely known as an advocate for gasoline-powered vehicles, in recent years, he has dramatically changed his views on the matter, ever since he brought about the creation of the reasonably-popular Chevy Volt – now he is a board member for VIA, which electrifies pick-ups.

Recently, when speaking for CNBC, Lutz referred to many points, including the long-term viability of Tesla’s plan, the failure of Fisker, among others. At one point, he even admits that electric cars are “definitely coming,” adding that when that does happen, conventional oil-burning combustion engines will be made obsolete.

He’s also still in favor of the electrification of trucks and larger vehicles, as it really does make financial sense and ends up saving money for drivers/business owners.

Despite being semi-retired, Lutz is still in the game, and his involvement with VIA makes it clear that he is more environmentally-conscious. Did you ever thin you would see the day when you would hear Lutz say “who needs a gasoline engine?”

By Andrei Nedelea

Story References: CNBC via Green Autoblog