Feel Bad About Polluting In Your 911? Porsche Will Gladly Help (And Take Your Money)

Porsche owners can offset their emissions by donating to one of four projects.

Used Honda Fit EV Batteries Find Second Life As Power Grid Storage Solution

The batteries will be integrated into Ohio’s power grid as part of a pilot program with American Electric Power.

Amnesty International Claims EV Battery Production Involves Human Exploitation, Pollution

Sure, EVs have zero emissions, but mineral extraction and manufacturing processes are unethical and a health hazard.

Talks Over Fuel Economy Standards Break Down In The U.S.

California and 12 other states are refusing to adopt Trump’s fuel economy standards.

Hyundai And Kia Betting On Fuel Cells As The World Goes Electric

The Hyundai Motor Group aims to produce 700,000 fuel cells annually by 2030.

California To Talk With White House, EPA Over Fuel Economy Standards

Trump’s rollback stipulates a corporate average fuel economy rating of 37 mpg – a far cry from Obama’s 54.5 mpg .

Gas Mileage For Facelifted 2019 Camaro V6, SS Inexplicably Worse Than 2018MYs

There’s no seemingly logical explanation for this..

UK’s ICE Ban Won’t Apply To Hybrids, Government To Test On-Street Charging Tech

The UK plans to spend $530 million to expand its charging infrastructure.

Fuel Economy Continues To Climb Even As Cars Become More Powerful

New models are 24 percent more fuel efficient and 14 percent more powerful than a decade ago.

2018 Jeep Wrangler Turbo Four Engine Improves Fuel Economy But Costs $3,000

The fuel economy numbers are out on the turbocharged four-cylinder Jeep Wrangler and they show the model returns up to 24 mpg combined.

Trump Administration Tipped To Freeze Fuel Economy Standards From 2020 To 2026

Automakers have been pushing for fuel economy regulations to be relaxed, and Trump happily obliged.

New York City Decides To Totally Ban Cars From Central Park

This measure is part of New York’s effort to improve street safety and reduce air pollution.