Chrysler Looking For Someone To Build 200 And Dart Successors

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It’s no secret that Chrysler wants to cut the 200 and Dart’s career short due to poor US sales (after FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne made it official in January), but apparently, the American giant won’t completely abandon the segment.

The models’ low sales figure forced a lengthy shutdown at one of the plants that builds them, but chief reason that the automaker will stop making the two sedans is to concentrate on crossovers and SUVs. Asked by Motor Trend at Geneva about potential partners to build the cars, Marchionne stated:

“There are discussions going on now. I think we will find a solution. We continue to talk. It’s both a technical solution and an economic one. We need to find a solution that works economically.”

Basically, Marchionne explained that FCA wants to find a contractor to build the cars for them, stating: “(We’re looking for someone) who is better at it than we are and who has got capacity available. We’re not going to make the car. We’re not the guys who are going to do the manufacturing of the car.”

Hmm, we wonder who has a vast, general expertise of building small cars. Fiat, maybe?