Apparently, Pythons Hiding In Engine Bays Is A Real Problem

Drivers in Africa be careful; Pythons have discovered their love for engine bays, sort of.

When Ben Mostert moved into his new house in Zimbabwe, the old owners warned them of the python lurking around the property.

Eventually Mostert captured the snake and decided to take it away from the house so both humans and snake can continue with their lives in peace.

CNN reports that the unusual problem occurred when Mostert released the massive snake into the wild, with it heading straight back to his Ford. The python climbed on the front wheel and up the radiator. Mostert didn’t know what to do so he started driving slowly, hoping that the snake would exit the engine bay and drop on the road but someone was apparently enjoying the ride too much.

Mostert then popped up his hood and calmly grabbed the python around its neck so it couldn’t bite him and with the help of another man moved it into the bush and quickly run away, just in case the snake didn’t get the message the first time.