Ferrari Says “No” To A Lot Of Things, Including Self-Driving Vehicles

The problem with Ferrari is that everybody wants one, and that’s clearly bad for business, right?

In all seriousness, Ferrari has become one of the elite car manufacturers of the world, offering its desirable and exclusive products to (almost) anyone willing to spend top dollars on exotic automobiles. A perk that also translates in a very high rise in demand, which the Italian car maker isn’t willing to meet, just so it can keep its exclusivity.

To top it off, the Maranello-based company apparently won’t overdo it with special or limited editions as well, as Sergio Marchionne wants customers to take these models serious. Speaking with Top Gear at the Geneva Motor Show, the Fiat Chrysler CEO stated:

“We won’t do so many that people will take them as a series and go from one to the next. I don’t want them to be too available. We need to be more stringent, especially at the price we expect people to pay.”

When asked if Ferrari will stick to the same recipe in its model line-up, keeping the two V8, two V12 pattern, Marchionne stated:

“Not necessarily, Ferrari is a malleable brand. We will adapt to market conditions. The rate of our model launches is increasing. But there will be no SUV.”

Of course, a Sport utility vehicle is out of the question at Ferrari, as almost everybody with an affiliation to the Italian car manufacturer debunked the idea; even so, it appears that a self-driving Cavallino Rampante is viewed as another abomination, Marchionne saying “over my dead body” when ask if there will ever be one.