This Ford Territory Runs The Quarter Mile In 10.14 Sec

You could say that the Ford Territory crossover is Australia’s equivalent to the Flex, as it’s seen as somewhat of a soccer mom car. Nevertheless, with the same underpinnings as the local Falcon sedan,  including its straight-six engine, it has some tuning potential of its own.

Between 2006 and 2011, the Territory could be had with the Falcon XR6 Turbo’s 333hp (245kW) 4.0-litre turbocharged engine, albeit with a top mount intercooler in lieu of the Falcon’s front-mount one. As Ford is on the verge of laying these cars to rest in October 2016, while persevering globally with the Ecoboost V6, we wonder if they are killing off the wrong engine, but let’s digress.

This example here featured by FullBoost is the work of Sydney-based Independent Motorsports. Starting with a Territory Ghia AWD Turbo, the top mount intercooler is swapped for a front-mounted Nizpro unit, a Borg Warner S300 Turbo forcing out 24psi via a modified plenum and exhaust manifold, with Bosch 1650cc injectors and a Aftermarket Industries Surge Tank.

The result is 654hp (488kW) at all four wheels, with a 10.14-second ET @136mph (218km/h) at Calder Park. Very impressive when you consider it’s a daily-driven car with 135,000kms on the clock.

Check out the video below to hear the note only an inline six can produce, in a tug-of-war against the stall converter.

By Mitchell Jones


  • Six_Tymes

    damn, that thing is fast

  • Matt

    They couldn’t keep the heavy and old 4.0 straight because it doesn’t meet emissions standards.

    “We wonder if they are killing off the wrong engine”??

    No, Ford are killing off the engine they can’t legally sell, and that doesn’t fit in a transverse platform (eg almost all of Ford’s current models).

    • Poison_Eagle

      They are killing off the wrong engine. Straight sixes are the engineer’s favourite, V6’s are the accountant’s favourite.
      Even with direct injection etc, the V6 isn’t as flexible and modifiable as the 4.0- which could be made to meet emissions with some developments, is smoother and you can rest a coin vertically on it while it idles, doesn’t require balance shafts, sounds better.

      • carsmofo

        the modern trend in automotive, especially SUV like these, is heavily emphasizing on fuel efficiency, and inline 6s are notoriously known for getting horrendous fuel economy, so they are in fact killing the right engine configuration for the sake of being competitive and achieving sales.

        • Poison_Eagle

          Yeah well tell that to BMW, as well as Mercedes and Jag, who are reviving their inline sixes soon. Horrendous fuel economy? What a load! Is that why almost every truck is powered by one? The only reason you’ve experienced inferior economy with a straight six is because the ones you drove were killed off in favour of V6s (accountants) before they could be developed to the same standard.
          As for the east-west layout argument, look at Volvo Si6, Daewoo straight six, Issigonis 9x prototype engine. It’s possible.

          • carsmofo

            BMW, Mercedes and Jaguar all make expensive and mostly RWD platform, so it makes more sense for them to utilize I6. Ford on the other hand, uses its 6 cylinder in a variety of platform in mostly economy FWD/FWD-biased cars, so it’s better to simply use 1 engine configuration that can be fitted in its entire range of vehicles.

            Dont get me wrong, I love inline 6, but for a manufacturer like Ford, I understand why they ditched the I6 in favor of the V configuration.

          • T_Cake

            I mean no offense, but here in the states gas V6’s are much more popular than inline sixes. Inlines are popular with the Cummins diesel crowd, but the majority of trucks are light duty, gasoline engines. GM abandoned their last truck inline six in 1984 for the 4.3 V6, and the last one Ford used here in the States was the gigantic 300 inline six that was used from the dawn of time until 1996. Since then, I can’t think of any, at least here.

      • Matt

        Having an inherently smooth idle is not really enough of a reason to keep a dinosaur engine (which would require millions of dollars to re-engineer, and can’t even be fitted into the majority of Ford’s passenger vehicles).

        I don’t argue the merits of a straight six engine configuration, but you don’t see the supercar-slaying GT-R at a disadvantage due to its V6 powerplant.

        • Poison_Eagle

          Not just idle, the way it revs, doesn’t shake itself to pieces, is more durable due to less mechanical drag, doesn’t have two heads.

          Maybe not-but all other things equal, it would be better if those cylinders were lined up in a row.

        • Poison_Eagle

          I’ll also add that 2JZ’s and RB-series engines are still more popular than the VR35 in the aftermarket scene as you can extract more herbs for cheaper; they don’t rely on exotic materials to have very durable parts.

  • C172fccc

    Reminds me of the Freestyle/Taurus X we had.

  • Honda NSX-R

    A true sleeper

  • fred

    Looks like a copy of first gen Acura MDX!

    • c3vzn

      This is an old car that came out around the same as that MDX.

  • Paradox

    The I6 I have has 10 per 100km (XR6) and the newer ones consume 9 or less.
    Those with a heavy foot have 14l to 100km… Some had tickford suspension
    setups the same folks as Aston Martin. FPV later fan the performance
    division with some 9 second missiles on the 1/4 mile with the German
    ZF auto which shifts far quicker than the Tremec can.

    Ford 250 sure has evolved into a dragon slayer. Never got into the
    US as it a far more balanced smoother motor than those noisy
    timing chain whiny V6 they have. They last forever if looked
    after and 500,000 miles is easy to achieve…on the same head…

  • Karl Schmidt

    The I6 DOHC motor has 9l/100 km in fuel economy and even less on the open road down to 7 or 8
    only heavy foots get 14/17 per 100km. Its a far superior motor mechanically, technologically
    and durability wise than the V6 engine which engineering speaking is a uneven design
    and only popular due to low cost and suffers from timing belt problems and other durability
    issues and producing less torque per litre than a I6 can at much lower revs.
    Ford should be building these but I think Ford are turning into Toyota now and
    mass producing average, uninspiring cost saver cars as decent mid field performance cars and saloons now have German names on them. Too bad Ford. The Australian franchise was not included
    in the one Ford manifesto as it was years ahead of the Yanks. btw the IRS system in the Mustang
    was already in the Falcon as far back as the AU- 2 generations design wise ago !!
    The Taurus never was not a real contender. Even with AWD its weight balance is
    terrible. Most Americans probably don’t know in 1971 we took the faster 4 door in
    the world from the Germans- who atleast remember the GTHO and now the F6…

    The Mustang will be the last RWD car after 2016. The Falcon is gone. The Taurus really
    should be the one engineering wise to be a problem why Ford can no loner park near
    a 5 series or a Porsche with some sense of a much older pedigree. The ZF Auto transmission
    in the FG-X actually is faster than the Tremec too…and much smoother..and if we go
    into build quality we know why the Mustang is a while from fixing this issue…The Germans
    won the saloon market without firing a shot. I doubt Jaguar XF would ever try to
    go back to a inline 6 design over the noisy and uneven V6. Mercedes I heard
    is considering going back to inline designs due to reliability issues…
    It would outsell the Mustang as it has four doors. Im sure car historians will
    blame the Mustang for the Falcons demise…This is running the Coyote S/C.

    As for the Falcon I6 not meeting emission laws after Euro 4.
    Ford US was starving Ford Australia of funds in developing the I6 DOHC much further with a new direct injection maifold and even HAJI injection far ahead even of direct injection. Closing down Ford Australia would be a big mistake I don’t think the US has thought out fully. The Falcon should be the export 4 door saloon not the FWD Mondo or heavy Taurus to even come close to the 5 series.
    The game is lost in the sedan world for Ford as the Crown Vic had no real
    replacement…and why Ford lost the Police contract to GM as cops knew the Taurus
    weakness to the RWD Falcon as the GM Statesman came from the same country
    I know German car collectors know what a Ford Falcon is most Americans think after the
    1970s the Falcon just dissapeared. How wrong they were…

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