Op-Ed: Releasing Totally Driverless Vehicles On Public Streets Is Suicidal

By allowing cars with no controls to roam our streets, we’re opening Pandora’s box.

Uber Car In Self-Driving Mode Struck And Killed A Pedestrian, Company Suspends Program

Uber has suspended its driverless car program after one of its vehicles hit and killed a pedestrian crossing a street in Arizona.

GM Takes A Subtle Dig At Nissan And Tesla With Super Cruise Commercial

Cadillac’s Super Cruise system offers hands-free highway driving.

Solar Storms Could Cause Mayhem With GPS-Reliant Autonomous Cars

Solar storms and driverless cars may not mix.

Toyota In Talks With Uber Over Self-Driving Technology

After Volvo and Daimler, Toyota is also interested in using Uber’s autonomous tech in its vehicles.

GM Will Start Production Of The Fully Autonomous Cruise AV In 2019

The self-driving Cruise AV does away with the steering wheel and all other driver controls.

Waymo Serves Up First Reactions Video To Driverless Pacificas

There’s something eerie in being chauffeured around by an AI with no one sitting behind the wheel.

2019 Toyota Avalon Completed Part Of Its Testing Autonomously

The new Toyota Avalon completed its rough road durability testing without a human driver.

Mercedes Sales Boss Announces A Seven-Seat Compact Model

Mercedes’ newest seven-seater will likely be the all-new GLB crossover.

Uber’s Trucks Are Driving Themselves While Hauling Cargo In Arizona

After more than a year of testing, Uber is actually unleashing autonomous trucks in the Copper State.

VW Tiguan Driver Shows Traffic Jam Assist Is Not Infallible In The Real World

Video of VW Tiguan demonstrates that the AI controlling autonomous systems still has a lot to learn.

San Francisco Mayor Wants Safety Tests On Autonomous Prototypes

The mayor of San Francisco wants to make sure self-driving cars are not a liability.