Chrysler Looking For Someone To Build 200 And Dart Successors

It’s no secret that Chrysler wants to cut the 200 and Dart’s career short due to poor US sales (after FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne made it official in January), but apparently, the American giant won’t completely abandon the segment.

The models’ low sales figure forced a lengthy shutdown at one of the plants that builds them, but chief reason that the automaker will stop making the two sedans is to concentrate on crossovers and SUVs. Asked by Motor Trend at Geneva about potential partners to build the cars, Marchionne stated:

“There are discussions going on now. I think we will find a solution. We continue to talk. It’s both a technical solution and an economic one. We need to find a solution that works economically.”

Basically, Marchionne explained that FCA wants to find a contractor to build the cars for them, stating: “(We’re looking for someone) who is better at it than we are and who has got capacity available. We’re not going to make the car. We’re not the guys who are going to do the manufacturing of the car.”

Hmm, we wonder who has a vast, general expertise of building small cars. Fiat, maybe?


  • JudeK
  • emjayay

    It’s not the car’s fault. It’s FCA’s fault for not establishing top reliability to counteract their reputation, and the knowledge that the company has gone through one owner after another and combining with not known for reliability FIAT. And better advertising. And a face lift for the Dart at this point, and offering the hatchback model as well.

  • Six Thousand Times

    “Hi, I’m Sergio Marchionne. OK, I’ll admit it, I’m broke. I mean pockets-inside-out flat broke. Please, somebody build my cars for me!”

  • Ilbirs

    I still have an intuition that the end of this story will mean Mitsubishi joining the alliance and FCA becoming FCMA, with the 200 also being called Galant in Asia and the Dart being called Lancer when a grille with three diamonds is attached to the front end.

    • JudeK

      I didn’t think Mitsubishi was replacing the Lancer after production of the current gen ends?

    • RS6 Performance Wagon Lover

      I hope that is the outcome.

  • ME

    For an American car, it is a very large improvement both inside and out.

    The transmission is the same that I have in my car and I had no problems or complaints ever about shifting. Still, if people are not happy FCA should have installed a more conventional 6 speed automatic.

    IMHO it is far nicer than most midsize sedans. People will find fault with anything and happen to pick on a car because the brand is in a rebirth stage.

    Serigo made a big mistake by bashing the model. You simply don’t do that as CEO. A coupe should have also been introduced of this car, shmuck.

  • Jerry Hightower

    Chrysler is just a small shadow of its former self!

  • Kash

    RIP Chrysler Automotive.

    • itguy08

      Good Riddance!

  • drano66

    Why bother looking for a contractor when there is none buying and you stop production?!

    Nothing coming from Marchionne make sense, he must be Bi-Polar or something!

    They need to get him out ASAP!

    • Ilbirs

      The better thing was transfering the production of both cars to Toluca after Journey/Freemont demise. They could be also sold without import tax in Brazil and Argentina, as these countries have free trade agreement with Mexico in the automotive field. It’s what Ford does with Fusion since its first generation and in Brazil this car is the leader in the segment. Other well sold Mexican models in Brazil: Sentra, Jetta and Fiat 500.

  • Honda NSX-R

    Sergio Marchionne has no idea what he’s doing. Didn’t he kill them off to make more crossovers? And now there’s this.

  • MarkoS

    The 200 is a great looking car! It fails in engines, transmissions, dynamics and interior design quality. The Dart is a looker too, not so sure bringing back the Dart name was the thing to do, and the car has the same failings as the 200, plus it is in need of a face lift. As far as Chrysler, it needs to go up-market and share more with Alpha Romeo/ Maserati . Think softer American Alpha, As for Dodge, no reason Alpha platforms can’t be shared and contented for American Muscle Car Duty. Just look at VW folks! FCA’s problem is not finding a partner for it’s cars so much as a Partner for engines and Transmissions. Sure in this Market a shared partner for The Darts and 100’s and Mini Vans would make since too Fiat is as more capable than people think as well. I think Mazda could do well with a version of the Pacifica for example. A further FCA / Mazda collaboration (not merger) on future engine, transmission and platforms projects makes the most since to me, now if they could Partner Subaru even better.

  • Deckard_Cain

    Fiat doesn’t have expertise in build C-segment and D-segment cars. Their expertise lies in city cars and B-segment like the Punto.
    They were muscled out of the C-segment by the Golf, Astra, Focus and french competitors and only now are trying to stage a comeback with the Tipo.

    And even then the Tipo is marketed more as an alternative to the Skoda Rapid and KIA/Hyundai offerings than as an alternative to the main sellers of the segment.

    The Dodge Neon from Mexico is a rebadged Fiat Tipo and it will also be produced in Turkey.

  • iKaizen

    Obviously Fiat is not going to build a compact and a midsize car for their own Chrysler brand. I’m assuming this is for the US market, so I’m guessing they are looking at GM, Hyundai/Kia, Nissan, and VW.

  • Enter Ranting

    “Um, can somebody build our unpopular cars for us? Anybody? We designed these things, and we’re unable to produce them.” – Sergio

  • PB

    The 200 arrived with such fanfare and promise. I believe its biggest failing is the difficulty of getting through the rear doors without bumping your head. They should bring back K T Keller and his hat test for Chrysler cars.

  • Scherp

    PSA. Badge Peugeot and Citroens as Dodges and Chryslers and let PSA sell their DS line in their showrooms. They’ll take on Mini while Fiat maintains affordability. Or just let me run things. Lol

  • Justin Spencer

    Is Sergio nuts or what?!?!? The 200 is brand new as of 2015 and Chrysler has a lot to prove considering its past models. The new 200 is a huge leap forward for the brand and is also one of the most beautifully styled cars in the segment. The 200 has a lot going for it and if FCA is smart they will build on this. The Dart is definitely due for an extensive update but still…leaps and bounds better than any FWD Dodge branded compact.

  • vaffangool

    This model would have done alright if people bought cars on appearance, rather than considering quality, performance, reliability, refinement, and reputation. Too bad we are more discerning and rational in the showroom than we are in the voting booth.