Dodge Recalls 173 Challengers And Chargers Over Wrong Wheel-Brake Combo

The issue impacts models with a certain wheel and brake package, which FCA admits shouldn’t have been an option.

PSA CEO Says Merger Won’t Result In Any Brands Being Let Go

The PSA Group and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles reportedly aren’t planning to ditch any of their brands.

FCA-PSA Merger Could Put European Factories In Danger

Industry analysts predict that European factories in the new combined company are in risk of closure.

White House Wary Of FCA-PSA Deal Due To China’sDongfeng Involvement

The Trump Administration wants to look carefully over FCA’s merger deal with PSA.

FCA Wants To Quit Europe’s Minicar Segment Altogether

The Fiat Panda and even the 500 might end up getting pulled in favor of sub-compact models.

PSA Group Seen As The Buyer In Merger Of Equals With Fiat Chrysler

Market analysts comment that PSA is paying more money than Fiat in order to assume control of FCA.

FCA CEO Implies Automaker Could Buy EV Tech From Tesla

Fiat-Chrysler currently plans on executing a 50-50 stock swap merger with PSA.

Official: FCA And PSA Agree To Merge, Create The World’s Fourth Largest OEM

The new FCA-PSA unit is expected to achieve around $4.13 billion (3.7 billion euros) in annual run-rate synergies and have a combined market value of around $50 billion.

PSA Board Green Lights Negotiations For Merger With FCA

An official announcement may come as early as Thursday morning.

PSA And FCA Merger Talks Officially Confirmed

PSA and FCA could create one of the world’s leading automotive groups.

Fiat Chrysler And PSA Group Reportedly In Merger Talks

The two car makers are currently discussing the possibility of a merger of equals, according to sources.

GM, FCA, Toyota, Hyundai Back Trump Administration In Denying California Its Own Emissions Rules

Other carmakers such as Ford, VW and Honda are fine with California setting its own fuel efficiency regulations.