VW To Replace The Phaeton With An All-Electric Luxury Saloon?

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Only recently its first attempt at a luxury saloon died a quiet death, and already reports on its successor have started surfacing.

According to AutoBild, the replacement for the ill-fated Phaeton might gain an all-electric powertrain.

The German publication quotes a spokesman within the company, who said that "the Phaeton is and will remain an essential project for Volkswagen."

Determined to make it to this segment, VW is said to develop its new entry is reportedly developed alongside the Porsche Mission E and the Audi Q6, which means it will use an all-electric powertrain.

Coming after a billion ($1.1 billion) investment, as a pet project of the former VW chief Ferdinand Piech and failing to achieve its sales targets, the last example of the Phaeton has left the Dresden assembly line on March 18, 2016.