Harley Davidson Commits To Electric Motorcycle Within Five Years

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It appears that electricity takes everything by storm, even one of the most iconic brands in the world.

Harley Davidson’s V-Twin (whether we’re talking about the Big or Small series) and Revolution engines have a distinctive burble to them, that sets the American bike maker apart. But riders might have to get used to the idea of a high-pitched whine Harley (not matter how outrageous it may...sound), because the company plans to roll out an all-electric product in the near future.

Having shown the LiveWire concept for two years now, Harley Davidson has finally committed to a timeline on producing an emissions-free motorcycle. Citing Senior Vice President of Global Demand Sean Cummings via the Milwaukee Business Journal, Asphalt & Rubber reports that the Milwaukee-based company will produce an electric bike within the next five years.

For now, details about the upcoming motorcycle are scarce, but it goes to show that Harley Davidson has a plan for the motoring business’ turning point, and a response to its rivals.

Even so, since the idea of an electric bike doesn’t necessarily line-up with the brand’s core values, nursed throughout its 113-year old heritage, only time will tell whether this approach will be key for Harley-Davidson’s success.

LiveWire concept pictured