Despite Autopilot Crash, Tesla Owners Continue To Relax And Play Games Behind The Wheel

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An increasing number of Tesla owners have started posting videos online showing them relaxing and even playing games while their cars operate in autopilot mode.

Despite the fact that autopilot is still in its beta stages and according to Tesla, requires the driver to be ready to take control at any time, that hasn't dissuaded some owners from reading books, playing patty cake, having arm wrestling matches and even sleeping, letting the car do all the work.

Inside Edition collated a number of these videos just after a second serious crash reportedly caused by autopilot occurred in Pennsylvania and just a month after one driver was killed by what is being said to be an autopilot failure.

Among the videos is one of a Tesla owner sitting in the passenger seat while the car cruises along the motorway at 70 mph (112 km/h). Despite being aware of the dangers, the driver told the publication that he has a lot of faith in the system.

One thing many Tesla owners seem to be forgetting is that the autopilot system doesn't turn the automaker's products into fully autonomous cars. There are a plethora of videos online showing the system failing to detect objects and other cars on the road, hence why Tesla asserts that owners must remain alert and present when operating autopilot.