How Much Faster Is Tesla's Model S P100D Than The P90D?

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According to Tesla, the Model S P100D is the quickest accelerating production car currently on sale but what does that speed look like on the drag strip?

To find out, Tesla Racing Channel on YouTube hit an eighth-mile drag strip with a brand new P100D and pitted it against the former Tesla king, the Model S P90D with Ludicrous mode.

The two went head-to-head in four races and unsurprisingly, the P100D was the fastest in all of them. However, the gaps were all very small. In fact, the P100D only came out on top by around 0.1 of a second in a couple of the races, going to demonstrate just how incredibly quick the 90 kWh variant is.

As these races were held over the eighth-mile, the launch is where the race is won and lost and while both are insanely fast out of the blocks, there's only so much grip road-legal tires can provide off the line. A quarter mile match up between the pair would therefore be the most accurate comparison.

Although the times between the pair in these races were close, the P100D consistently had a 3-4 mph higher trap speed, something that would only extend in the quarter mile.