Chevrolet Trying Desperately To Trademark Corvette Badge In Australia

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General Motors is continuing to pursue a trademark for the Chevrolet Corvette’s badge in Australia, four years after making its first attempt.

GM’s persistence to get the Corvette’s badge trademarked Down Under has led to speculation that the brand is planning on bringing the eighth-generation, mid-engined Corvette to Australia later this decade.

In 2013, GM first applied to have the badge trademarked with IP Australia, a local government body that polices trademarks. However, the application was rejected last year because the Chevrolet bowtie apparently resembled the Red Cross, reports Wheels Magazine.

Nevertheless, GM hasn’t given up and recently applied for a divisional trademark for the badge, effectively giving it more time to overcome the original objection to the application. It is thought that GM has spent tens of thousands of dollars pursuing the trademark and that the American automaker may have to ask for an exemption from Australia’s Federal Defence Minister to approve the bowtie badge.

If the C8 Corvette does eventually make its way to Australia, it may arrive up to 12 months later than in the U.S., pushing a possible launch date towards the latter half of 2019.