Icy Road Leads To Massive Pileup With Nearly 100 Cars On Canadian Highway

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Almost 100 vehicles were involved in a huge pileup on Ontario's Highway 401 on Saturday, just outside of Toronto.

The domino effect starts with a transport truck losing control and crashing into multiple vehicles right at the end of the clip. It's also alarming to see so many drivers not using their hazard lights, as it could have helped those further down the road realize that traffic was coming to a halt.

"I saw the death in front of me. I thought, 'Okay I'm not going to make it," said one of the drivers who had a different transport truck crushing the roof of her car. "It's going to be really bad and I'm not going to die in a nice way, it's going to be awful."

There was also some low visibility due to a snow band off Lake Ontario, as reported by CTV News. Though stopping in those conditions is never easy regardless of visibility, if you've already made the mistake of going too fast.

"We were all scared and thanked god that we're all alive," said another driver who made it out unscathed.

Fortunately, nobody was killed in the collisions, while those that got taken to the hospital only had minor injuries to show.